Unceded Voices dedicates a large portion of the organizing of the project to creating platforms for dialogue with residents of the city. During the past three editions of the convergence, we were successful in engaging public participation, which included passers-by in the streets striking up conversations with the artists, as well as more structured activities and workshops that took place in public spaces and both artist-run and community centres. It is in these moments of dialogue in the social milieu that begins a real moment of meeting between the artists and the public. The multiple events are always free and open to the public. Some ideas to further the conversation include panel discussions with the artists who will discuss their art-making processes, workshops about pervasive stereotypes and prejudices about Indigenous peoples and art-making skills-shares (including but not limited to screenprinting, stencilling, collage making and beading).

In addition to the general openness of the collective to engage with the greater public, there are a few artists whose work intentionally invites the public into the process of the art-making.