Cedar- Eve (Anishinaabe, Ojibwe) is an artist who grew up in Toronto, Ontario. She moved to Montreal at the age of 18, where she graduated from Studio Arts at Concordia University in 2012. She has painted murals in Peru and Alberta. She currently lives in Montreal as an independent artist and known for her brightly coloured beaded jewellery.

Her drawings and paintings are inspired by the idea of shapeshifting. Creatures bordering on human and animal intertwine with one another in a symbiotic relationship involving souls and energy. Mythologies and stories found in Indigenous cultures influence her work, along with her dreamworld.

Artist Statement

“I see my drawings and paintings are spirit guides. When I sit down to create, I’m often not conscious of whats coming out until its there. I dream about different colour combinations.  I paint in bright, bold colour as I believe colour has the power to heal. For me, art is therapy. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without it. I hope my art can relate to Indigenous and non-Indigeneous people alike. The language of art allows for people to communicate with one another through a non-verbal means and is integral to keeping First Nations culture alive. It is my way of carrying stories forward and a way to remember my ancestors.”


Mural by Cedar Eve Peters, Unceded Voices 2017
Photos credit: Cecile Lopes